Service Advantages

Our company has a perfect service mechanism. From pre-sales to in-sales to after-sales, we have strict management processes and implementation plans to achieve a comprehensive solution to customer concerns.

★ Pre-sales: We will fully understand the needs of customers, visit their sites for extensive technical exchanges, and provide customers with special maintenance and repair plans, equipment selection and configuration plans, and design and customization plans for dedicated machines.

★ In-sales: We will formulate the project progress and keep in communication with customers at any time. According to the time node requirements, we will invite customers to our site to conduct an all-around quality inspection and guidance on the design schedule and machining, manufacturing, assembly, and test run during production.

★ After-sales: We will configure different service packages according to different projects and different customers, and assist customers to complete the installation and commissioning of the equipment until the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, we will provide technical training to the customer's production personnel and equipment maintenance personnel to ensure the stable operation of the equipment in the late stage.