Tianjin Promising Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Promising Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in Beichen Science Park, Tianjin, which is a high-tech enterprise. Its products mainly include centrifuges, differentials, centrifugal dryer systems, reducers, speeders, and other precision transmission equipment. Its users are all over the country in twenty provinces, and it has become a specialized manufacturer of centrifugal separation equipment in China.

Founded nearly twenty years ago, Promising has independently developed products of various specifications and brought them to the market in series through persistent efforts. Some of these products have filled the gaps in China, a number of technologies have obtained national patents, and the products are comparable to imported models. The industries we are involved in include: polyvinyl chloride and modified resin, polyethylene, polyphenylene sulfide, melamine, sodium bisulfate, dimethyl terephthalate, and soy protein.

Promising always insists on technological innovation as the fundamental driving force of enterprise development. In recent years, the Technology Center of the Company has declared patents to the China National Intellectual Property Administration many times. Among them, one technology was awarded one patent for invention and forty-seven technologies were awarded patents for utility models. In 2015, the Company won third place in the Tianjin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition titled “Yunchuang Space Cup”. In 2019, the Company was awarded the 2019 Outstanding Supplier in Petrochemical Industry by the China Association of Plant Engineering. 


In order to meet the requirements of different industries, different materials, and different outputs, Promising has developed and manufactured more than ten models of horizontal scroll decanter centrifuges in recent years. The models are as follows: LW230, LW350, LW420, LW520, LW520-PPS, LW635, LW635X2540-N, LW650, LW650-D, LW650-DQF, LW720, LW740, LW890, LW1100, and LW1100-DQF. The products have advanced technology, reliable performance, and excellent quality. Among them, LW1100 and LW650 centrifuges were appraised by Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as the leading products in China in 2009. 


Since its establishment, Promising has produced more than thirty kinds of differentials for horizontal scroll decanter centrifuges and more than ten kinds of reducers and speeders for polymerizers for the domestic chemical industry and soy protein industry. At the same time, the Company has repaired various pieces of precision equipment for customers, and provided a full range of services related to manufacturing, maintenance, overhaul, and parts for centrifuges, differentials, reducers, hydraulic pressure stations, and electric control cabinets. The products are also well received by customers.


In recent years, in order to meet the needs of the market, Promising has developed a centrifugal dryer for resin granules with a capacity of 12 t/h. Today, the Company is pursuing the localization of centrifugal dryers for large squeezing granulator units with granule capacity greater than 20 t/h, ensuring the customer's choice unrestricted.


Looking to the future, Promising always keeps pace with the market, faces the competition directly, pursues technical progress, constantly improves itself, makes good products, and gives them back to society.