The Chinese elements involved are Chinese factories, WU PROMISING PTY LTD is an Australian registered company, and the two are affiliates. 


About Us

Tianjin Promising Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in Beichen Science Park, Tianjin, which is a high-tech enterprise. Its products mainly include centrifuges, differentials, centrifugal dryer systems, reducers, speeders, and other precision transmission equipment. Its users are all over the country in twenty provinces, and it has become a specialized manufacturer of centrifugal separation equipment in China.

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In order to meet the requirements of different industries, different materials, and different outputs, Promising has developed and manufactured more than ten models of horizontal scroll decanter centrifuges in recent years. The models are as follows: LW230, LW350, LW420, LW520, LW520-PPS, LW635, LW635X2540-N, LW650, LW650-D, LW650-DQF, LW720, LW740, LW890, LW1100, and LW1100-DQF.

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Classic Case

Looking to the future, Promising always keeps pace with the market, faces the competition directly, pursues technical progress, constantly improves itself, makes good products, and gives them back to society. 

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Focus on Promising

An Extraordinary May

Out with the spring, in with the summer, May should have been vibrant and thriving, but from time to time you can see a hint of sorrow and helplessness on the faces of Tianjin people. There is another outbreak of COVID-19. The city's affiliated districts and subdistricts are subject to control and quarantine, and people's lives and work are affected as a result.


Briefing on the Review Meeting of the Technical Solution of KXG-SYS-65 Centrifugal Dryer System for Resin Granules

As a type of core process equipment of large squeezing granulator units, a centrifugal dryer is used for the separation of water from resin granules and the drying after granulation. At present, the petrochemical industry has no large centrifugal dryer application ever.


Sparing No Effort to Achieve Our Mission

In order to ensure the successful completion of the business objectives and various tasks in 2022, Tianjin Promising Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. held the "Signing Ceremony of Letter of Responsibilities for Annual Objectives of 2022" on February 11, 2022.