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Centrifugal dryer system for resin granules of KXG-SYS-12

Product characteristics: ① Capacity:A centrifugal dryer processing 12 tons of resin granules per hour has been successfully localized and put into operation. ② System components: blocking trap, centrifugal dryer for resin granules, dehumidification fan, and other equipment. ③ The dryer contains the housing, rotor, driving system, upper and lower bearing support frame, and air filter. ④ Function: dewatering and drying of water-containing particles as key equipment for post-processing of polyethylene and polypropylene. ⑤ Structural features: compact structure, continuous drying, large production capacity, short drying time, low energy consumption, and simple operation. ⑥ Leakage solution: The problem of water and material leakage caused by the aging of the rubber seals is completely avoided through the structural design of five safety gates, and the labyrinth sealing method with bended metal plate. ⑦ Safe operation: reasonable design, advanced structure, high strength, high resistance to wear, stable performance, extended life, safety interlocking, and guaranteed operation




Centrifugal dryer system for resin granules

Centrifugal dryer system for resin granules of KXG-SYS-12


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